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Determine website page position in organic search engine results

Track site rank for specific search terms

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URL Rank Tracker
Do you use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your site rank ?
Do you need to track rank for multiple pages and different search terms ?

Know Your Rank ?
URL Rank Tracker is an application that significantly simplifies the process of determining website page position in organic search engine results. URL Rank Tracker provides a quick and easy means for tracking multiple pages and search terms.

Essential For SEO Analysis
SEO analysts can use URL Rank Tracker to follow the progress of site improvement efforts. Marketing analysts can quickly determine how their business website is performing for specific search queries. And URL Rank Tracker makes it simple to check out and compare how the competition ranks on the same search terms.

Site Or Page Rank
URL Rank Tracker can retrieve the rank for a specific page of the site. Or, URL Rank Tracker can retrieve the position of the highest ranked page for an entire site, for given search terms. Need to focus SEO efforts on one specific section of the website ? Just include the directory at the end of the web address, and URL Rank Tracker can retrieve the highest ranked page within the specific section of the site.

Import And Export Tracking Lists
The import and export of data in CSV spreadsheet format makes it easy to track the same information for multiple sites, pages, and search terms at regular intervals. URL Rank Tracker makes SEO analysis and position tracking quicker, easier, and more efficient.

One-Time Payment, Unlimited Use, Forever License
URL Rank Tracker is a stand-alone desktop product. There are no subscription or usage fees, annual licenses, data limitations, or other pricing tricks that make you pay over and over.

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