Company Overview
Provide Windows applications for personal and business users

Provide customers with value that exceeds expectations

- Powerful and easy-to-use features
- Familiar Windows user interface
- Under $10, forever license
- No sign-up for evaluation copy

- news and announcements

Free online support
- customer support site

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Check elegibility, and download an upgrade product.

The upgrades page is for paid products only. Visit the downloads page to upgrade free products. To upgrade an evaluation or lite version, visit the specific product page.

For customers who purchased a package of multiple software products at a discount, each individual product upgrades separately with its own PRODUCT ID.

  • Enter PRODUCT ID from purchase      [What's This]
  • Click [Show Eligibility] button
  • Select upgrade product
  • Download and save product ZIP file
  • Follow installation instructions below

[include dashes]

Prior to installation of the upgrade, save a backup copy of your data.      [Special Note]

  • Reference specific product documentation for backup procedures
  • Recommend keeping installation EXE for prior and current release

Install the upgrade product, as follows:      [Special Note]

  • Use "Add-Remove Programs" to uninstall prior release
  • Open compressed ZIP file for upgrade product
  • Run installation EXE program
  • Follow on-screen instructions

Vista, Windows 7 - permissions requirement

Run the upgrade copy of the product, as follows:      [Special Note]

  • From START menu, locate appropriate program group
  • Select shortcut to launch upgrade product

Once the upgrade is installed, load the backup copy of your data.      [Special Note]

  • Reference specific product documentation for backup procedures
  • Recommend saving another copy of data after completing upgrade

The full price is paid the first time only. After the initial purchase, the upgrade price is paid. There is no difference between the upgrade and full product, other than the price.

It is not required to purchase every upgrade to continue receiving the lower price. However, upgrade prices are kept low, so it is typically worth it to purchase each release.

Some upgrades are free, like maintenance releases which primarily provide fixes.

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