Company Overview
Provide Windows applications for personal and business users

Provide customers with value that exceeds expectations

- Powerful and easy-to-use features
- Familiar Windows user interface
- Under $10, forever license
- No sign-up for evaluation copy

- news and announcements

Free online support
- customer support site

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Price List
The regular price for each software product and package is listed in the following sections. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Software Products
The grid below lists the full and upgrade prices for each individual product. The full price refers to first time purchase of the product, and the upgrade price thereafter.

Product Full Price Upgrade
Daytrader Companion $4.88$1.88
Debt Reduction CalculatorFreeFree
Home Finance Manager FreeFree
Personal Payroll Manager Free Free
Schedule D Tax Tool $9.88$2.88
SPEED Keys $4.88$1.88
TRUSTED Power Search $4.88$1.88
URL Rank Tracker $9.88$2.88

Packages, or bundles of related products, provide a cost savings. Products bought as part of a package will upgrade separately at the upgrade price.

Product Package Separate Savings
Stock Market Package
- Daytrader Companion
- Schedule D Tax Tool
$10.88 $14.76 26%
Desktop Tools Package
- SPEED Keys
- TRUSTED Power Search
$7.00 $9.76 28%

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