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Manage payroll and employee data

Enter timecards and generate salary receipts

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v1.5.1 - Jul 2012
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Personal Payroll Manager
Do you own or run a small business ?
Do you manage payroll and employee data ?

Take Control Of Your Payroll
Personal Payroll Manager is an application for small businesses that can be used for managing payroll and employee data. Many businesses just do not have the time or money to invest in some complex payroll system. Personal Payroll Manager is a free alternative designed to give you the essentials of payroll management without the confusion of a bunch of rarely used features. The simplicity of the program should have you up and running quickly, and efficiently managing your payroll data.

Manage Employee Data
Enter employee data in standard view, one record at a time. Or choose spreadsheet view for grid editing. Need to do some custom or advanced analysis of your data ? Just copy it from the grid into any external spreadsheet program in seconds.

Enter Weekly Timecards
Does your small business use timecards for logging work activity, overtime, vacation, and leave ? With Personal Payroll Manager, all your timecard data is stored electronically in a single location.

Salary Receipts And Reports
Do you need salary receipts generated each pay period ? Just provide wage data, tax with-holding, and deductions, and Personal Payroll Manager can generate a compact 6.5 x 3 inch employee receipt. Or run summary reports for a quick view of weekly data.

Completely Free, Unlimited Use, Forever License
Personal Payroll Manager provides a mechanism for organizing your small business data, without a lot of overhead, system administration, maintenance, or cost.

Personal Payroll Manager is a stand-alone desktop product. The software is completely free for personal or business use. There are no subscription or usage fees, annual licenses, data limitations, or time limits.

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