System Requirements Chart

operating system Windows
CPU 700 MHz 1 GHz
RAM 512 MB 1 GB
screen resolution 800 x 600 1024 x 768
(note 1)
Microsoft Access
(or FREE runtime)
software Microsoft Excel
installation folder
(note 2)
full user permissions required


1 Microsoft Access (32-bit) is required to run the application.

No Microsoft Access on your machine ? Microsoft provides the FREE Access runtime.

The full version of Microsoft Access is for software developers to build apps.
The FREE Microsoft Access runtime is for users who only want to run the apps.

FREE Microsoft Access 2016 runtime download
FREE Microsoft Access 2013 runtime download
2 Full user permissions on the installation folder are required.

The Program Files folder, which is typically used for
software installation, defaults to read-only permissions.

For standard (less technical) users, install the software
in a non-system folder to completely avoid permissions issues.

Advanced (more technical) users can manually update
the permissions on the install folder instead.