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Debt Reduction Calculator is free !

Optimize payment strategies, reduce credit card and other debt quicker

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Moose-Tech Software develops inexpensive Windows desktop applications for personal and business users. All of the paid software products sell for less than $10, with no monthly subscriptions, renewals, or additional fees.

And some products are completely free ! But you will have to look around to find them...

For Stock and Options Traders
Schedule D Tax Tool generate Schedule D, in TXF and XLS format
Daytrader Companion calculate different exit and expiration scenarios

For Personal Finance Users
Debt Reduction Calculator optimize debt payments for credit cards and loans
Home Finance Manager manage finances, track spending, reduce waste

For Individuals
TRUSTED Power Search make web searches quicker, safer, more relevant
SPEED Keys turn your repeated typing tasks into speed text

For Small Business Users
Personal Payroll Manager manage payroll data and employee records
URL Rank Tracker determine page rank in search engine results

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