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Manage personal finances

Track expenses, reduce wasteful spending, and increase savings

Organize your financial life, and plan for the future

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Home Finance Manager
Do you have difficulty managing your personal finances ?
Do you need an easy way to track your financial data ?
Do you want to save more money and increase savings ?
Do you wonder where all your money goes each month ?

Take Control Of Your Personal Finances
Home Finance Manager is an application that can be used to manage personal finances, reduce wasteful spending, increase savings, and plan for the future. Home Finance Manager can track a variety of financial information, like personal spending, monthly expenses, net worth, and checking account activity.

Organize Your Financial Data
Is your personal finance data scattered ? Home Finance Manager provides an easy mechanism for organizing your financial life.

Track Spending To Find Savings
Do you know where your money is spent, and why you never seem to have enough ? Many people struggle with saving money. Home Finance Manager can easily track spending, so you can pinpoint potential areas for cutbacks, leading to more savings.

Budget Chaos ? Savings Frustrations ?
Home Finance Manager includes a monthly planner for budgeting recurring expenses, like mortgage and car payments. The savings planner can be used in making future projections, like for retirement.

Reports And Custom Analysis
The reports make it easy to summarize and analyze your financial situation. Need to do some custom or advanced analysis of your data ? Just copy it into any external spreadsheet program in seconds.

Take Control Of Your Finances
Don't let your finances control you. Just "winging it" is not a plan, but a recipe for financial failure. Stay ahead of the curve, take control, and start managing your finances now. Get Home Finance Manager to track your financial data, improve your current situation, and plan for the future.

Completely Free, Unlimited Use, Forever License
Home Finance Manager is a stand-alone desktop product. The software is completely free for personal use. There are no subscription or usage fees, annual licenses, data limitations, or time limits.

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