Trusted Sites Search
Just as people remain within their own trusted universe of sites 99% of the time, search should respect this preference.

Now, there is the [site:] parameter for searches, which restricts matches within a specific site. Many people are not even aware that searches can be confined to specific sites. It is also a pain typing the full site over and over. And searches within a group of 5 sites would take even more time.

Suppose someone searches for "financial crisis". Currently, they can have matches returned from the entire internet, which will provide a significant number of low-relevance and unwanted items. Or, they can specify a single site, which may not provide sufficient matches. Or, they can search several different sites, increasing the typing effort and time involved.

Why make users choose between too much, too little, or too involved ? When someone knows they want matches from several financial sites from their trusted universe and no others, why make the search process so difficult ?

This is where groups enter the picture. And as you might suspect, with groups, users may specify a prior defined group of sites.