Open Solution Means Compatibility
With hundreds of brokers that each use their own format for data, ensuring exact compatibility is impractical, and even futile. Some brokers may include non-trade data like interest, dividends, and fund transfers. Options exercise and assignment might get listed differently. Transaction descriptions can vary, like "buy" or "bought". The ordering and arrangement of data can be completely different. And, the format can change from one year to the next.

Despite the many variations, though, most brokers do provide the capability to download trades in CSV or XLS format. You just need to make some fairly straightforward types of changes to the file so that Schedule D Tax Tool can process the trades, like changing "bought" to "buy" and removing rows of non-trade data.

The open solution approach also prevents Schedule D Tax Tool from breaking whenever your broker changes its trade data format. Instead of being dependent on tax preparation software keeping up with broker updates each year, the open solution gives control of trade data back to the taxpayer.