Home Finance Manager revision history

current release 1.1.0
release date OCT 2013

  • added application icon
  • updated example data

  • upgraded system to newer .accde file format
  • upgraded help package to newer html format
  • made major cosmetic changes
  • redesigned user interface
  • consolidated directory preferences as user data
  • improved display of reports
  • made fixed dialog application

  • fixed broken external URLs in footer area
  • fixed main window size issues for different resolutions
  • updated automatic sizing for main window

-SYSTEM- (transparent to user)
  • made system improvements to startup processing
  • made system improvements in structure and organization
  • updated for free version

  • updated install dialogs

  • updated website pointers - broken links on MAIN MENU dialog
  • fixed broken TERMS OF USE link on MAIN MENU dialog
  • fixed default working directory property on startup
  • fixed save position of main window on exit
  • modified toolbar so it shows in fixed location
  • removed ribbon-bar from main window for Access 2007 and later

  • initial release