Refund Policy
You may request a refund within 31 days of purchase. Send your refund request via email. Alternatively, You can open a refund request from within PayPal.

You will be charged a 30 cent fee by deducting it from the refund amount. This is the portion of the fee amount that PayPal charges sellers, but which they do not refund.

- estimated process time is within 2 business days -

Use email or PayPal when requesting the refund.

DO NOT ISSUE A CHARGEBACK through your credit card company. The chargeback will be contested, and will likely fail. The reason for contesting, is the chargeback fee. When you make a chargeback, the credit card company charges PayPal a fee, which PayPal recoups from the seller. The fee is not insignificant, so do not use the chargeback process for refunds.

The chargeback exists as a customer protection from fraud, not as a means for processing refund requests. Thank you for your cooperation.