Pricing Overview
The goal is to provide inexpensive, quality software products and services. Each product sells for under $10, much less than the prices of many competitors. Packages, or bundled related products, offer substantial percent discounts over separate purchases.

Upgrade Policy
The software product license never expires, unlike the annual purchase approach of some competitors, that requires full payment each year. Therefore, upgrades are not required. However, because upgrades are much cheaper, it is typically worth it for the enhancements or extra features.

There is no difference in the software itself between the full and upgrade product, only the price. It is company policy that customers pay full price for the product the first time only, and the upgrade price thereafter, even for major releases with significant enhancements. This pricing model is much better for customers than the typical full price everytime of many companies.

In the event there is a new release of your software product within 31 days of purchase, you may contact customer support and request the upgrade for free.

There is no charge for maintenance releases which provide error fixes or minor system improvements.

Price Improvement Policy
When you purchase a product, and its price is lowered within 31 days, you may contact customer support and request that the difference be refunded. This policy includes packages, individual product purchases, and specials. Make sure that the request occurs within the 31 day limit, while the PayPal transaction is still open for refunds.