Site Move
On 05-01-2012, the company moved its website address to the URL.

Customer Impact
Other than the obvious change in the URLs of the site, any external links from within software products will be broken. For example, most programs include footer links for the home page and customer support site, and those will fail until a new release includes the URL updates. The broken links could appear on the main dialog, in the START menu program group, or in help files.

Reason For Move
The old site used Microsoft Office Live Small Business as the domain and web host provider. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to close down the domain, and instead launch a new service called Office 365. Microsoft claims that Office 365 is a replacement for Office Live, however, the services are completely different and have no compatibility. Furthermore, Office 365 is very expensive, and is far more hype than substance. The irony is that Microsoft was specifically selected for hosting because of their stability, and to avoid precisely this issue.